How fast will my dog learn obedience commands?

Every dog will be a little different. Characteristics such as breed, socialization, age, and temperament of the dog all affect how quickly a dog will learn. Also, how much you the owner are willing to work with your dog makes a difference in the final outcome.

Can I train my 8 year old dog?

Absolutely. It may take a little longer to break some of the dog’s old habits, but most dogs are still trainable even at an older age.

Why does my dog chew on everything?

What are you giving them to chew on or play with? This could effect what the puppies/dogs are chewing on in your home. Most puppies will chew when they are young due to teething. Some dogs chew based on boredom. Once we figure out the “why” they are chewing, we can come up with the “how” to fix the problem.

Does it matter if my dog sleeps with me at night?

Yes, it can. If the dog has already had obedience training, this can affect whether they view you as a pack leader and their level of respect toward you or lack of it.

How much does training cost?

Pricing varies depending on your individual needs and the dog’s personality. Training will be personally structured for you and your dog. Please contact us at our Columbus, Ohio location for pricing information.

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