How Much Can You Save With Buckeye VetCare Hotline

How much can you save by using Buckeye K9 VetCare Hotline

The average cost of 1 visit to a Vet can range from $60 – $120. Sometimes it is necessary to see your vet but sometimes we panic and rush off unnecessarily. 

Let us show you how we can save you money by just using our vet triage service to video call or text a Vet.

One Buckeye VetCare Hotline membership…. Only $19.95/month

  1. SKIN

Many pet owners will find unwanted marks and lesions on their pets. Some are suspicious and others are normal. We can save you a vet visit by assessing your pet when you upload a video of the issue or give our vets a video call. 

SAVINGS: $60-$120


Our experienced vets can show you how to properly clean your pets ears and what to use. There are many products you can use to help care for your pets without spending lots of money at the pet store. Our vets will help prevent an infection that needs to seek vet care.

SAVINGS: $60-$140


Sometimes our pets can get a sore tummy or rummy stools. It’s sometimes hard to know when it’s time to be worried or when to wait it out. Let our vets assess the situation and help you evaluate how serious things are. Many of times these conditions can be monitored and triaged at home. 

SAVINGS: $60-$150


It’s scary when our pets vomit and we often don’t know what to do. Our vets can tell you how to care for your pets during these stressful situations and what to give them to settle their tummies. 

SAVINGS: $60-$130


When masses appear on our pets and we don’t know what they mean, our first instinct is to seek vet advice. We can give you that advice from the comfort of your home. If it’s not something serious, we will let you know what to do and how to monitor things in case they get worse. 

SAVINGS: $60-$150


Pets can often hurt themselves while playing and jumping. Let our vets assess the urgency of your pet’s injury. Often they just need a few days of rest and relaxation. There are many ways to make them comfortable while they heal. 

SAVINGS: $60-$150


New pet parents always have many questions surrounding the care of their new furry family member. For a low monthly fee we can answer as many questions as you need at any time of the day or night. Buckeye VetCare Hotline members get unlimited access to our experienced vets, 24/7. 

SAVINGS: $30 for 1 call to a vet telehealth service


1 VET VISIT:  $100

2 VET VISIT:  $250

3 VET VISIT:  $330

4 VET VISIT:  $500

Savings when you need EMERGENCY FUNDS: UP TO $1,500

If we save you just 2 visits to the vet in a year, you will have paid for your Buckeye VetCare Hotline membership and still have unlimited access 24/7 to video call or text a vet.

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