Dog Training For Life

Dog Training Lifetime Program

Buckeye K9 Puppy Training

Guaranteed for Your Dog’s Life

The dog training Lifetime Program includes private dog training lessons and comes with a remote e-collar for your canine. Your dog’s training is guaranteed for the life of your dog as long as you continue to work with your dog throughout his or her lifetime.

Dog Training For Life

A Lifetime Commitment

Adding a dog to your family is a lifetime commitment and a lifetime experience. You need your new family member to behave well for the dog’s entire life. 

Sometimes after dog training the work training a dog can erode as the consistency of the dog’s commands breaks down, as the dog ages, when the dog gets a new dog friend, or you discover new behaviors in the dog that are not acceptable. 

Dog training for life is a unique offering by Buckeye K9 that commits to work with you for the life of the dog, as long as you are committed to working with the dog to improve its and your behavior. 

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We encourage you to reach out to us by phone to learn more about what dog training for life entails. Dog ownership is a lifetime commitment, and we are committed to the quality of your dog’s life, for life

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