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Obedience Dog Training

We train dogs of any breed, size and almost any age.

Your dog can begin dog training as early as 12 weeks old. Older dogs can be trained as well. Your dog’s training is based on its individual personality, past and present behavior, aptitude for learning, breed characteristics, social development, and – most importantly – your family’s goals. The training will teach your dog useful obedience commands, good manners, and acceptable behavior patterns.

Types of Dog Training Services We Offer:

Board-n-train or private lessons?

The major difference between our residency program and private lessons is really how much time and effort you personally want to put into the training and how fast you want your dog’s behaviors to be corrected.

Private Lessons 🐕

Private lessons are where we work with you and the dog one-on-one. We offer private lessons both on-site and in-home. You and your dog will get an individualized dog training approach. During the private lessons, we will teach you how to train your dog while we are not there. Our private lessons require more of a commitment than our board & train program. You will have homework training in between your lessons. Learn more here.

Board-N-Train Program 🏠

Our residency program is where your dog stays with us and we do all of the training for you. As with any training program, keeping up with your dog’s training is required after staying with us. Our residency program is best for individuals that do not have the time commitment for private lessons or have a dog that needs a serious behavior issue corrected. Also residency training is for people that want training done faster and it’s a good option if you’re going out of town and want your dog trained while boarded. Learn more here. 

Buckeye K9 Obedience Training Private Dog Training lessons and more

Free Evaluations!

We offer complimentary evaluations if you are on the fence for what the best option is for your dog. We would love to help you in your training journey. Contact us to book your first appointment and we can determine the best approach for your needs

We offer pet financing from lending usa this is a happy dog with a big smile

Financing Options Available!

Pet financing can equip you with the necessary funds to purchase the right training package for your dog at Buckeye K9. Dogs that need major behavior modifications or ones that are preparing for service work can become costly.

Pet financing through LendingUSA provides an affordable payment solution for your dog’s training. Good and bad credit borrowers can qualify for pet financing. 

** Need to Cancel? 48-hour cancellation notice required. Within 48-hours, a one-day charge applies for cancellation.

Buckeye K9 Dog Training Location:

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