Dogs and Hybrid Work From Home

Doggie Day Care

For most, working from home is the best thing that came out of the COVID nightmare we all experienced for years. Companies that wanted to allow work-from-home situations were forced to allow their employees to work from home. For dog, owners, this was awesome! If you could not bring your dog to work and did not already have them in a doggie Daycare like Buckeye K9, then the ability to hang out with your dog all day was great for everyone.


Now companies are pulling back on the work-from-home business model. Businesses need to connect with their employees more often, and have in-person meetings, and downtown economies are slowing down to where the large downtown employers, many with investments in those downtown areas, know that downtown workers in the office buildings are the underpinning of the downtown economies. The answer is the HYBRID work model.


In the hybrid work-from-home model employees from many companies can work from home some days of the week, and work from the office some days of the week.


Where does this leave your dog?


Now that employees are not at home all day with their pets they are turning to doggie daycare like Buckeye K9. Here they can drop their dog off to play, exercise, socialize, and get worn out with other dogs all day while their owners are at work.

When the owner picks them up, their dog is ran, fed, and tired, but ready to see them.

Hybrid Work Models Affordable Doggie Day Care

Doggie Daycare hybrid model: when you are working from home, keep your dog at your feet like you love to. When you have to go into the office, drop your dog off at doggie daycare for play and a happy life.


Before the hybrid work model, did your dog get into a rhythm where they knew you leave in the morning and come back at night? Settling into the reassuring spot they love before you leave, the spot that keeps the anxious feelings away while they wait for your return.


All Dogs Have Separation Anxiety

Some more than others of course but dogs are pack animals. Their existing rellies on being with their pack. When they are alone, they get anxious. Many will chew on things they are not supposed to, bark, or regress into a scared dog.

When we leave our dog home alone for 8-10 hours a day our dogs do their best to be strong reminding themselves that you will return, but essentially when you leave, they think they are being left for good.

The Solution: Doggie DayCare

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a place, built for dogs, that you could drop your dog off on the way to work, and then pick them up after work? The dog, tired from playing all day, does not need that hours long hike for exercise, they are as tired as you are in the evening since they played all day with other dogs. Doggie Daycare is just that, the daily space to drop your dog or dogs off when you are at work, practice, school, etc.

Doggie Daycare is not Dog Boarding

Doggie Daycare is a DAY CARE. It is for people who will drop off and pick up their dog on the same day. Dog Boarding is for dogs to stay for a while while you are on vacation, or a work trip.



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