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Veterinarian Telehealth Service – Vet Online

Online Veterinarian Support 24/7 - 365

Save Time & Money; Earn Peace of Mind

Buckeye K9 is proud to provide “Veterinarian on call 24/7, 365”. Get Veterinarian access for immediate answers to your dog’s emergency and standard medical questions. If you own a dog or cat you can benefit from this service!

Vet Telehealth Benefits

Peace of Mind - Get Answers to Everyday Issues like Nutrition & Behavior
Emergency Response - Do You Really Need To Go To The Vet Emergency Room?
24/7 - 365 Access
$1500 Pet Emergency Policy
Up to 6 dogs or cats under 1 account

Online Vet: A Guiding Trained Voice

If it is your first dog, or third really, having a guiding hand at the touch of your laptop is reassuring when you have questions, especially during emergency events. This service helps with all questions such as dietary, exercise, and weight, not simply for emergencies.

Veterinarian Telehealth

Like a child, sometimes dogs do dumb things, like eating a box of crayons, or an entire cake left out at a picnic. Things show up on their coat, odd growths happen; other times there can be sickness or everyday issues that occur.  Provide the best for your pet with an online vet on standby 24/7!

Stave off bad habits, having an overweight pet, bad breath, and expensive trips to the vet emergency room when it was not necessary

Buckeye K9 Emergency Fund

The Buckeye K9 Emergency Fund is a form of pet insurance where you can secure up to $1500 if your dogs or cats have an expensive vet visit or surgery.

Cost Savings

Save time and money by having a real veterinarian on call at your disposal anytime. How much money? Let’s find out.

Vet Hotline & Emergency Fund TOS

Frequently Asked Questions, FAQS

How do customers contact support?

Customers can contact support by clicking on the support link on the left navigation on the member website, by sending an email message within the support page of the member website, or by contacting support via the technical support number 1-833-351-8987.

How Much Does It Cost?

$19.95 / month

Can I sign up and use the emergency funds now?

No. The emergency fund requires 14 days as a member.

Does Enrollment Automatically Add Me To The Emergency Fund?

Yes, once you are enrolled in the monthly program you are automatically signed up for the $1500 emergency fund. However, you do have to be a paid member for 14 days before that $1500 fund would become available to use. Also, if you miss a payment during one of the months you would also not get the available funds until you are caught back up on payments.

Client Portal

Use our client portal to schedule appointments, pay for services, and to send updated paperwork.

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